Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Thule

128.    A dull, leaden sound,
Such as that made by,
A heavy object falling,
To the ground,
Extend so as to project conspicuously,
Anti-Americanism became the main thrust of their policy,
Completely under someone's influence or control,
From Thule,
The name of the country,
Identified by the ancients,
As the northernmost part,
Of the world,
A crash of thunder.

129.    A group of people,
Sharing a common profession or interests,
A religious or masonic society,
Or guild,
Refuse to accept,
Or be associated with,
The beliefs or opinions,
That are generally regarded,
As having done something,
Developed from separate ova,
And therefore not identical,
A thing that becomes,
Terrifying or destructive,
To its maker,
The state of,
Being famous.

130.    A means of reasoning,
Or a system of logic,
The point where something begins or arises,
A fixed point,
From which coordinates are measured,
A prolonged painful or horrific experience,
Of queen consort of Henry VIII,
And the mother of,
Queen Elizabeth I of England,
A well-defined reproducible temperature,
Which can be used as a reference point,
Defined by a change of phase,
A person who believes,
That eschatological prophecies,
Are still to be fulfilled.

131.    Time that is still to come,
Make certain that,
The realization of potential,
A friendly understanding,
Or informal alliance between states or factions,
In a position to be taken,
With no part left out,
Secret rites or revels,
Tailor to specified circumstances,
Require as a precondition of possibility or coherence,
As a sign of affection,
Of or relating to,
Or dealing with,
Or regarding the,
Ultimate destiny,
Of mankind,
And the world.

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