Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Thule

A dull, leaden sound,
Such as that made by,
A heavy object falling,
To the ground,
Extend so as to project conspicuously,
Anti-Americanism became the main thrust of their policy,
Completely under someone's influence or control,
From Thule,
The name of the country,
Identified by the ancients,
As the northernmost part,
Of the world,
A crash of thunder.

A group of people,
Sharing a common profession or interests,
A religious or masonic society,
Or guild,
Refuse to accept,
Or be associated with,
The beliefs or opinions,
That are generally regarded,
As having done something,
Developed from separate ova,
And therefore not identical,
A thing that becomes,
Terrifying or destructive,
To its maker,
The state of,
Being famous.

A means of reasoning,
Or a system of logic,
The point where something begins or arises,
A fixed point,
From which coordinates are measured,
A prolonged painful or horrific experience,
Of queen consort of Henry VIII,
And the mother of,
Queen Elizabeth I of England,
A well-defined reproducible temperature,
Which can be used as a reference point,
Defined by a change of phase,
A person who believes,
That eschatological prophecies,
Are still to be fulfilled.

Time that is still to come,
Make certain that,
The realization of potential,
A friendly understanding,
Or informal alliance between states or factions,
In a position to be taken,
With no part left out,
Secret rites or revels,
Tailor to specified circumstances,
Require as a precondition of possibility or coherence,
As a sign of affection,
Of or relating to,
Or dealing with,
Or regarding the,
Ultimate destiny,
Of mankind,
And the world.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The old lie

259.    Characterized by,
Or consisting of two parts of components,
The old lie,
It is sweet and appropriate to die,
For your country,
Bring about by compulsion,
An instance of buying or selling,
Plan or invent,
Using underhand tactics to achieve goals,
Sequences of related events in chronological order,
Drive through,
A system of popular psychology based on the idea that,
Behaviour reflects,
An interchange between parental, adult, and childlike aspects of personality,
A dummy in the shape of a human,
Created by stuffing straw into clothes,
The process of media manipulation,
Is the way in which individuals or groups,
Use various tricks in dealing with the media,
In order to create an image of their side of an argument,
That is most favorable to the receiver,
Delay leaving a place,
A mistake and a poem,
The practice of,
Refuting weaker arguments than one's opponents actually offer,
The Second Superpower,
Is a term used to describe a global technocratic peace movement.

260.    The highest functions of the brain,
Carry out,
Or undergo the abortion of,
Sudden, unexpected,
Paid promotion of goods, services, companies,
And ideas by an identified sponsor.
The aspect or aspects of the mind,
Of which,
People in general are not directly conscious or aware,
Devour, consume,
An outside source,
Which can control an individual's thinking, behaviour or consciousness,
Theories have ethical and legal implications,
Inserted the words,
Individuals with technical training and occupations,
Who tend to perceive important societal problems,
As technological in nature,
While proposing largely,
Technology-focused solutions,
With extreme racist or authoritarian views,
Cover or become covered with mist,
Is the systematic use of,
Group power to broadly control freedom of speech and expression,
Largely regard to,
Secretive matters,
A deliberate concealment of someone's mistakes or faults,
Is a link between two things in which,
One causes the other.

261.    As it is,
The swift transition,
The passing the information by verbal means,
Especially recommendations, but also general information,
In an informal person-to-person manner,
Rather than by mass media, advertising, organized publication, or traditional marketing,
A momentary modulation,
From one side to the other of,
A social movement,
That advocates the optimization of,
The welfare of human beings,
By means of scientific analyses,
And engineered action,
Awareness of information,
Without having specify or theorize,
A particular means by which,
That information was transferred,
By using the closest corresponding letters,
Of a different alphabet or language.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Without weapons

Crushed or broken by being stepped upon heavily,
Obsessive preoccupation with one thing,
Something which is outrageously or offensively wrong,
Believed that the only way to reach God,
Was through sinful actions,
A state of armed conflict between,
Different nations, states, or armed groups,
Something done to increase,
One's sense of self-importance,
Outstandingly bad,
Attack an army behind,
Look for or discover,
A meaning that is hidden or implied rather than explicitly,
To hold hearings and to declare subliminal advertising,
The exclusive possession or control of something,
Engage in a close fight or struggle,
Without weapons,
Show or feel triumphant elation,
A prosperous area beyond a city's suburbs,
In the manner the interchange of persons produces a vivid impression,
Show that considerable informating,
Decisions and guiding actions,
Is perceived even,
When observers do not experience any awareness,
Of perceiving,
Often makes the hearer feel that he is moving in the midst of perils.