Sunday, December 15, 2013


239.    The form of the indefinite article,
Designed in sensitive or fitting way,
Relating to or denoting,
The part of the autonomic nervous system,
Supplying the internal organs, blood vessels, and glands,
And balancing the action of the,
Parasympathetic nerves,
In addition,
A bridge in which the deck is suspended from cables,
Running between towers,
Halt temporarily,
Of a stimulus or mental process,
Perceived by or affecting,
Someone's mind,
Without their being aware of it.
A nervous disorder,
Marked by excessive uneasiness,
A taking hold of or seizing,
An untidy or dilapidated place or vehicle,
The part of the brain at the back of the skull,
Which coordinates and regulates muscular activity,
Wheels locking and the vehicle skidding,
If applied suddenly,
An inreference in which one proposition follows of,
Necessity from two others.

240.    Myth ;
Creativity can be easily developed, using the simple lateral thinking techniques,
Learning can be  achieved more powerfuly through subliminal techniques,
Used by,
Maltese Physician Edward De Bono,
Engage in inconsequential or,
Unproductive activity,
Force to move in a particular direction,
A thing that existed before,
Logically precedes another,
Into a position seemingly alien and unnatural,
A point representing the mean position of all matter,
In a body,
The doctrine that the morality of an action,
Is to be judged solely by its,
Affirming the consequent,
Genrich Saulovich Altschuller,
Believed that,
Problems stem from,
A thing that contributes extra features,
To something else,
So as to enchance or improve it,
A circular depiction of a snake,
Or dragon swallowing its tail,
Symbolizing wholeness or infinity.

241.    A word or phrase inserted,
As a explanation or after-thought,
A dynamic equilibrum,
Will form if,
At a given temperature,
Two reversible processes occur at the same rate,
A process,
That can be reversed,
By means of,
Infinitesimal changes in some property of the system,
The intellect,
With the intention of preventing,
Because of the possibility of,
The convertion of heat energy,
To work by exploiting,
The temperature gradient,
Between a hot source,
And a cold sink,
From any external source whatsoever,
Around a day.
The twenty-first letter of the Greek alphabet,
A power saw with a rapidly rotating toothed disc,
The fact of awareness by the mind,
Of itself and the world,
Be fitted or protected with an alarm,
Concerned about a matter,
Whole figure,
Is rotational symmetry with respect to an angle of,
Seventy-two degree.

242.    An organized whole,
That is perceived as,
More than the sum of its parts,
A comprehensive description and explanation of a theory,
Has it roots in theories by,
German poet and dramatist,
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe,
A movement in psychology,
Seeking to explain perceptions as gestalts,
Rather than analysing their constituents,
Gather together a number of quantity of,
Build up,
An increase or decrease in the frequency of,
Sound, light, or other waves,
As a source,
And observer,
Move towards or away,
From each other,
Named after the Austrian physicist,
Christian Andreas Doppler,
Enlarge or vary its range of products,
Or field of operation,
A thing that acts to increase,
Physiological or nervous activity in the body,
Stretched tight or rigid,
When the forces on all components of a defined system,
Are balanced with the reactions,
Such that no component,
Is undergoing an acceleration relative to the designated,
Frame of reference,
The ability to see, hear,
Or become aware of something through the senses,
An orgasm,
That only a very tiny proportion,
Of bodily stimuli,
Actually reach consciousness.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cass ~ ee ~ oh ~ pee ~ ah

Worth place!
Upside down,
Then for integer values only,
We have,
Those old astrologers had,
A giant spiral galaxy in the Local Group,
Touching on the east the Ocean,
They sent the winged heroes,
The most passionate speech of the three,
The people are civilized men,
Of mild and frugal temper,
The angle which tangent to the curve,
Which defines points upon a curve~

Often the origin,
To the curve at that point,
The unknown factor,
Upside-down "M",
The first Queen of,
The source star,
Was unusually massive and had,
Previously ejected much of its outer layers,
Upside-down whilst in the chair,
People of portentous stature and longevity,
The strongest radio source in the sky,
Instant messenger,
Each tentacle is covered with stinging cells,
Psi-gamma, for cases of perception~

And psi-kappa, for cases of action,
Wavelength radiation before it reached Earth,
The light wave starts out as,
Gamma ray photon,
Moving at the speed of light,
According to the wave-particle duality,
Up, down and strange,
Cass ~ ee ~ oh ~ pee ~ ah,
Self-induce high-amplitude gamma synchrony,
Not till nearly half the length of the coast,
Which looks north-east,
Has been past.

Background to the discovery,
Patterns differ from those of controls,
Distinctions usually do so on the basis,
That the different energies,
Have a different feel,
To them,
Also third companion to the star,
It has the name Tsih,
Air of breeding was apparent,
To companion is believed to be similar to,
Our own Sun,
Just as sunlight and moonlight.

Warn the students about,
The deleterious effects,
Emissions could be explained,
If the companion were a dense object,
With a high surface gravity,
Most often expressed feelings of desire,
In an adopted persona,
Could accrete on the surface of the companion,
Transforming gravitational potential,
Into thermal energy~

Changing direction or velocity, density and shape,
Who instead employ the name,
Is known as Medusa,
For the gravity,
Is the escape velocity,
The velocity needed for an object,
To escape from the gravitational field,
To infinite distance~

The nuclei,
Become smaller and smaller,
Until the core is reached,
The point where,
They disappeared there,
And passing rings around them,
Lightness of hand,
When the electrons are degenarate,
Matter is formed,
And so forth,
High density that the,
Species of body,
Even at absolute zero temperature,
And white dwarf matter,
Beyond which degeneracy pressure can no longer,
Support it.

Against the frothy background,
Of our home galaxy,
Turned the watcher to stone,
As its central,
The head,
At the edge of the sea,
Beautiful than even the sea,
The only way,
Spacing of steps of shade,
Between the brightest and dimmest part of,
An image,
Make one's own,
Directed out of and orthogonal to the,
Two-dimensional surface,
On which is drawn.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

That he is lying

161.    The sin of Adam,
Viewed as fortunate,
Because it brought about,
The blessedness,
Of the Redemption,
An emotional state of reaction,
Causing a feeling,
Of happiness and well-being,
A system,
Designed to promote,
Bodily and mental well-being,
By analysis of,
Neuromuscular activity,
Via exercises which improve,
Flexibility and coordination,
Relating to,
Or resembling a cat,
Euclides ab Omni Naevo Vindicatus,
A protestant name,
For a catholic.

162.    A three dimensional shape,
Having tvelwe plane faces,
In particular,
A regular solid figure,
With tvelwe equal pentagonal faces,
The first,
And eigth note of a major scale,
Ready to accept control or instruction,
One of the early Christian theologians,
Regarded as especially,
Authoritative in the Western Church,
Or later so designated by,
Saint Thomas Aquinas,
As he said,
The God is one,
But we can call it by several names,
Sometimes as Wisdom,
Sometimes as God,
Sometimes as reason,
A cause that,
Denoting someone or something,
Is itself caused,
Not properly understood,

163.    Euclides of Megara,
More likely to rise than fall,
A supposed ultimate cause,
Of all events,
Which does not,
Itself have a cause,
Identified with God,
Consider it correct or,
The opposite of Good,
Does not exist,
Do arithmetic,
An apparatus to showing,
A key to code,
Around within the word,
And tapered to the base,
Hail and hold communication with,
The stanza used by,
The English poet,
Edmund Spencer,
In the Faerie Queene.

164.    A man says,
That he is lying,
Is what he says,
True or false,
Denoting a person or thing,
That has a specified attribute or form,
That one can not be said,
Know something,
Just because,
One believes it,
And that belief,
Turns out to be true,
A three-dimensional shape,
Having twenty plane faces,
In particular,
A regular solid figure,
With twenty equal triangular faces,
Given in generous,
Or situated to the rear,
Ancient and modern,
A straight line segment,
A circle can be drawn,
Using the segment,
As radius and,
One end point,
As center.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Luciferous Logolepsy


220.    Olinto de Pretto,
An Italian industrialist from Vicenza, Bologna,
According to University of Perugia,
Historian of mathematics Umberto Bartocci,
Published the famous formula,
E = mc²,
Two years before,
Albert Einstein,
Acting or done quickly and rashly,
Moving forcefully or rapidly,
To attack,
The property,
Of matter and radiation,
Which manifests,
As a capacity,
To perform work,
Of or relating to,
Move faster than and overtake,
A thing which projects,

221.    Vis viva,
Or living force,
A thing,
That blocks,
One's way,
Or hinders progress.
Foolish mass,
Turn or slide violently or uncontrollably,
Showing emotion or sensitivity,
A subatomic particle,
Such as a nucleon,
Which has half-integral spin,
Named after the Italian physicist,
Enrico Fermi,
Never be first,
Try to be second.
Destruction or abortion of a fetus,
Insert between,
One thing and another,
To seek the first principles of things.
A member of the,
Aboriginal people of New Zealand,
Ernest Rutherford, first Baron of Rutherford of Nelson,
In bad of,
In science,
Stir or disturb,

222.    Anyone,
Who is not shocked,
By the quantum theory,
Has not understood a single word.
Newly converted to,
And very enthusiastic about,
A physical model that,
Depicts the atom as,
A small positively charged nucleus,
Surrounded by electrons in,
Orbit at different levels,
Similar in structure to the,
Solar system,
Named after the,
Danish physicist Niels Bohr.
Comparable in certain respects,
In the middle of,
A idiosyncratic belief or impression,
That is not in accordance with,
A generally accepted reality,
The doctrine that,
All events,
And actions are,
Ultimately determined by,
Causes regarded as external,
To the will,
A narrow, secluded valley,
Turn in a circle,
Energy cannot be created or,
Only modified in,

223.    Nothing exist until it is measured,
Especially one with signatures,
Written in a circle to conceal the,
Order of writing,
By the swift succession of,
Blow on blow,
Mix or cause to mix together,
Containing two adjacent nitrogen atoms,
Between carbon atoms,
Having no trace of life or organic remains,
Kings are said to rule over this period of time,
Holds that light and matter,
Can exhibit properties of,
Both waves and of particles,
Defeat or conquer,
Physical quantity,
Related to the velocity,
And mass of an object,
Even where it is most,
Just you should.

224.    Fails in the,
Vicinity of black holes,
Or when considering the,
Observable universe,
As a whole,
Condensed phases that appear,
Whenever the number,
Constituents in a system of,
Is extremely large,
And interactions between the,
Constituents are strong.
The fixed inner sole of a boot,
The amount of a solar radiation,
Reaching the given area,
Linked or locked closely together,
As by dovetailing,
To weave together,
The triple point of a substance,
Is the temperature and pressure at,
Which three phases,
Of that substance,
May coexist in,
Thermodynamic equilibrium.

225.    The taking down of the body of,
Christ from the cross,
It is special case of,
Einstein's principle of relativity,
Where the effects of gravity,
Can be ignored,
Varied in appearance or character,
The transport and commotion of the soul,
The nature of the universe must not change,
For an observer whose inertial state,
By virtue of the meaning of the worlds,
Or concepts,
Used to express it,
Relating to,
Or using analysis or,
Logical reasoning,
A method of,
Approaching philosophical problems through,
Analysis of the terms in which they expressed,
Back to bear,
Some elements,
Or substances at some pressures,
The material may,
Transition directly from,
Solid to gaseous state.

226.    The doctrine that,
The substance of the Eucharistic elements,
Is converted into body and blood of,
Christ at consecration,
Only the appearances of,
Bread and wine,
Still remaining,
Free from disturbance,
Energy by virtue of matter,
Being able to move to,
A lower-energy state,
Releasing energy in some form,
Luciferous Logolepsy,
Is the tendency of,
A body to maintain its state of,
Uniform motion,
Acted by,
An external force.
A quantity having direction as well as magnitude,
Especially as determining the position of one point in space,
Relative to another,
Such that each instantaneous state of the system,
Is described by a unit vector in that space.
This state vector,
Is the encodes the probabilities for the outcomes of all possible measurements,
Applied to the system,
As the state of a system,
Generally changes over time,
The state vector is a function of time,
A long, narrow cut or depression,
In a hard material.

227.    Strike with a firm blow,
An unstable meson,
With a mass around,
Two hundred times that,
Of the electron,
The twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Some of which the sufferer,
Cannot even describe to another,
By attitude, by look, by voice,
Because of the energy required to create,
And the fact that,
Muons have limited lifetimes,
It is not currently able to produce,
Net energy,
And analyses indicate at present,
That energy production,
Form the reaction,
Is not possible,
A brief,
Strong rush of wind,
Substance is eternal,
Atoms move in an infinitive void,
The universe is all atoms and void,
Nothing else,
On the other hand,
Disorder contains,
A certain element of,

228.    Suggest as a logical consequence,
The speed of light,
In vacuum,
Is the same to all inertial observers,
Is the same in all directions,
And does not depend on the velocity of the object,
Emitting the light,
That light,
Does not require any medium,
In which to propagate.
A system of words, figures or symbols,
Used to represent others,
Especially for the purpose of secrecy,
Rub abrasively against another,
Whenever an observer,
Detects the local presence of a force,
That acts on all objects,
In direct proportion,
To the inertial mass of each object,
That observer is in,
An accelerated frame or reference,
That is solely or no more or better than,
What is specified,
Mere mortals,
Set on fire.

229.    The theory that,
All flammable materials,
Contains a substance,
Without color, odor, or weight,
That is liberated in burning,
Once burned,
Substance was now in its true form,
To hide,
The discovery of which was the,
Supreme object of alchemy.
Annus mirabilis,
Work by lamplight,
Discourse learnedly in writing,
A thing,
Attached to something,
Larger or more important,
A natural light,
Connecting a subject and predicate,
A pair of fetters,
Connected by a chain,
Used to fasten,
A prisoner's wrists or ankles together,
Another term of,
Man's soul,
Consist of minute atoms that,
Dissipate into smoke,
When a person dies,
The physical phenomenon that,
Minute particles immersed in a fluid,
Move around randomly,
The mathematical models,
Used to describe those random movements,
The energy of a body,
At rest,
Equals its mass times,
The speed of,
Light squared.

230.    Universe,
Seen as well-ordered whole,
Falls pointless,
And immediately loses all its fire.
A person,
Who is studying or has expert knowledge of,
One or more of the natural or physical sciences,
A genius,
From the name of the,
German-born physicist,
Albert Einstein,
The concepts of time,
And three dimensional space,
Regarded as fused in,
Four dimensional continuum,
Not specialized or limited,
The absence of standards of absolute and,
Universal application,
Tightly together,
All observers to be equivalent,
Not only those moving at a uniform speed,
Gravity is no longer,
A force,
Is a consequence of the curvature of,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Who fought for justice!

To force down the throat,
The new life,
Then becomes the second guide,
Dressed in a soft crimson cloth,
And wore a girdle about her waist,
Here is a deity stronger than I,
Shall rule over me,
Itself appeared to me when one third of the right,
Had already passed,
Behold thy heart,
The glorious lady of my mind.

Then woke up,
And she ate this burning heart,
Went away,
Beatus, qui prodest, quibus potest,
That is to say,
A letter inhering,
A serpent.

Characters of Good Spirits,
Characters of Evil Spirits,
being added together,
Who abandoned their vows,
Who did good out of a desire for fame,
Who did good out of love,
Souls of the wise,
Who fought for justice,
These are concentric and spherical,
In one part more and in another less.

And utter with its voice,
Both I and My,
When in conception it was,
We and Our,
Who saw in evil hour the coin of Venice,
Be absorbed in the reading or study,
May pass,
The limit,
Fixed of the eternal counsel,
Anterior chamber,
Filled with aqueous humour,
Of the Brethren of Purity.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hapax Legomenon

495.    Mistress,
How the question of strange star existence will,
Play out,
Is a geological phenomenon in which,
Massive ice sheets form in the,
Arctic and Atlantic,
And advance toward the equator,
Approximately twenty-one thousand years ago,
To take her male,
Is a mostly enclosed sea that,
Has limited exchange of deep water,
With outer oceans,
And where the water circulation is,
Dominated by salinity and temperature differences,
Rather than winds,
So that,
She too may become a,
Living spirit,
To avert intershift disaster.

496.    A point of no return,
Having a rocky and uneven surface,
Made of five parts,
And each part should be distinct,
While the soul-animal,
Is the vehicle,
Which literally means,
The physical basis,
To allow those,
Not eligible for,
Admittance into the general congregation,
Has a slight slant toward the right,
To teach orally,
Translated as,
Without providence,
A light rod.

497.    Wooden bolts by sheer inequality,
Suggested strenght through unity,
People possess free will,
For sake,
In two, apart,
Utter with a twang,
Their feet stamp,
Which fall altogether,
Knowing beforehand,
The due,
To cover your head,
And throw the bones of,
Your mother,
Behind your shoulder.

498.    Hard to please,
One that preserves the order,
Having a globe in her left hand,
And a peg in the right,
But simply the feeling of the rhythm,
Is physical development of the individual after birth or,
Involving significant change in form,
As well as growth an differentation,
So one can speak of the,
Second note of,
Happy birthday,
Draw their hearer,
Pedigree of the same breed.

499.    Further,
You will remember,
You must know,
Let us consider,
An allied excellence,
As to whether,
Images, moreover,
The figures,
Is a word that,
Is put next to a noun that,
To indicate,
The type of reference,
Being made to,
The noun.

500.    Unseasonable,
Bright blue weather in,
Whose intercession is approved,
For the present time,
Cut down,
Exactly equal the widht of the top and bottom,
To meet a need that is not expected to recur,
Have a small heel coming out of its back on the bottom,
Hapax legomenon,
Also have a single tag,
On top of its head,
On the left side,
A crown,
Composed of eight faces,
Each of which,
An equilateral triangle,
Four of which,
Meet at each.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

On The Parasitism - 3

287.    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy,
A fatal disease,
Of cattle,
Which affects the central nervous system,
Causing agitation and staggering,
And is believed to be related to,
Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease,
In humans,
Gathered together or made less diffuse,
A facility for the,
Extraction and processing of animal milk,
For human consumption,
And their milk,
Lies next to the,
Constellation of Capricorn,
Giving rise to a reward of cattle,
For passing the task of,
Were fed with meat and bone meal,
A high-protein substance obtained from,
The remnants of butchered animals,
A hazardous business.

288.    Of,
Relating to,
Or resembling sheep,
The pathogenic theory of disease,
Is a scientific theory,
That suggests that,
The instead of genetics being the,
Proximal cause of,
Many diseases that the environment plays a significant factor,
In the form of pathogen microorganism such as,
Bacteria or virus,
Chance favors the prepared mind,
Shepherd Louis Pastor,
Was a French microbiologist and chemist,
Respected, distinguished,
Demonstrated that,
The fermantation process,
Is caused by the growth of microorganisms,
And that,
The growth of microorganisms,
Is nutrient broths,
Is not due to spontaneous generation,
Is an evolutionary struggle between,
A predator species and its prey,
Including parasitsm,
Is said,
To resemble an,
Arms race.

289.    The state of possessing something,
The dynamics of,
Biological systems in which,
Two species interact,
One a predator,
One its prey,
The change in the prey's numbers,
Is given by its own growth,
The rate at,
Which it is preyed upon,
The amount of dirt,
Amassed in,
The uncleaned stable,
Made the task,
Surely impossible,
A part,
Recognition and understanding,
Of the difference between,
One thing and another,
An evolutionary theory,
The situation in nature,
When creatures,
Must adapt quickly,
To changing environmental threats,
Just to survive,
From generation to generation.

290.    The control of the pest,
By the introduction of a natural enemy,
Or predator,
Remain or stay in a certain place,
Restrain your tongues, your appetites, your passions,
When he did return the Scythians,
He was killed,
Anarchasis was a Scythian philosopher,
Accept or act in accordance with,
Strenght and originality in a person's nature,
Become larger or rounder in size,
Especially as a result of an,
Accumulation of fluid,
A genetic event,
That occurs,
During the formation of,
Sperm and egg-cells,
The event,
During which electrons became bound to nuclei,
After recombination,
Ambient photons,
Where no longer scattered,
Remain to the present as the,
Cosmic Microwave Background.

291.    The maximum extent,
Or magnitute of a vibration,
Or other oscillating phenomenon,
Measured from the,
Equilibrum position,
A method of minimising the harm,
Deliberate infection,
A system,
Is said to be in a state of equilibrum,
All influences on the system,
Are cancelled by the effects of,
May or,
May not,
Be stable,
Neither gold,
Neither silver,
Appearance of,
A new species of life,
On earth.

292.    Succeeded by,
Rerouting the rivers,
To attach the vessel,
To the ground of at,
A specified point,
Was a river,
Is said to be,
The first of nine sisters who rule Avalon,
And chased her to Sicily,
Changed her,
Into a fountain,
He swan underwater,
To be with her,
And mingled his waters with,
That are highly dangerous to,
Higher organisms,
Including humans,
In his laws,
He says that,
Tartaric acid is,
A muscle toxin,
Which works by inhibiting,
The production of,
Malic acid.

293.    Cerebral penducle,
By most classifications,
Is everything in the,
Except the tectum,
On the anterior surface,
Black substance,
Thought to be involved in,
Certain aspects of,
Movement and attention,
Remove or break the seal of,
Without formal organization or,
Infectious self-reproducing protein structures,
Teering or mocking,
Made in order to,
Wound or provoke,
So much,
The hypothetical generation of,
Life from non-living matter,
Eros sprang forth from the,
Primordial Chaos,
Together with,

294.    The first principle of the seed,
Made perfect,
From birth,
Laurus Nobilis,
With male and female,
On separate plants,
Borne in pairs,
Together beside a leaf,
The fruit,
Is a small black berry,
Containing a single seed,
Two households,
That is,
A female plant,
May sometimes produce,
Small numbers of,
Male cones,
Vice versa,
Explaining the,
Advantage of sex,
And the constant arms race,
Between competing species.

295.    The realization of potential,
Is not ended,
Maintain, continue,
What we cannot speak of,
We must pass over,
In silence,
It suggest that,
Any discussion of metaphysics,
Lies outside the realm of sense,
And that only proper method,
Of philosophy,
Is the abandonment,
Of philosophy,
For the natural sciences.
A special point used in describing conic sections,
The real part is zero,
In both cases,
So more specifically,
It is a centre,
Writing material from Pergamon,
Put in beside,
That the levels of the predator and prey,
And oscillate around this,
Fixed point.

296.    Involving very close connection,
In combination,
Or working together with,
Innermost sheat,
A piece of long or complex discourse,
A degree of freedom,
Avaliable for movement,
In a space,
Far away in space,
Or time,
The notion of light around,
A rotating star,
A non-oriantable, two dimensional surface,
With only one side,
When immersed in three dimensional,
Euclidian space,
The function of the set of all positive integers,
Partially ordered by divisibility,
He was a descendant of Martin Luther,
August Ferdinand Möbius,
Was a german mathematician and,
Theoretical astronomer.

297.    The age in I am,
Am I in age the,
The high in each at,
At each in high the,
But in poetry,
Claim that,
The simplest explanation would be,
Preferred over more complicated ones,
We are the only,
Species in our part of the,
That relies on,
Radio technology for communication,
If this sounds like hyperbole,
Anything about Fermi,
Is likely to sound,
Like hyperbole,
C.P. Snow, says about him.

On The Parasitism - 2

275.    Become pregnant with,
A key player in the myth,
The origin of,
Scorpio and death of Orion,
Lies between,
To the west,
And Capricornus,
To the east,
Is an animal that adapted to eat,
Primarily plant matter,
Rather than meat,
A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving,
Or doing something,
Is to prefer least complicated explanation for an,
Is a modern term,
For systematic bullying, harrasment,
Or psychological terror,
In workplaces,
Divide between tribes.

276.    A way or track,
Laid down,
For walking or,
Made by continual treading,
Of or relating to telephaty,
As the believer,
Desires and should not be postponed,
Until death,
Is thought to be near,
Nor is,
Its administration intended to imply,
An expectation that,
The recipient is about to die,
Is a penalty,
Which suspends,
All public worship and withdraws,
The church's sacraments in a territory or country,
One of a person's blood relations,
The destruction or end of something,
Natural selection in favour of,
Behaviour by,
Which may decrease their own,
Chance of survival,
But increase,
That of their,

277.    A genetic event,
That occurs,
During the formation of sperm,
Eg cells,
Crossing over,
A disease or ailment,
In a truly parasitic relationship,
The parasite,
And host,
Live side by side,
With little or no damage,
To the host organism,
While the parasite takes enough nutrients,
To live on,
And reproduced without draining,
The host's reserves,
In full,
The host is usually killed after,
The full development of other organism,
Form by interlacing,
Long threads passing in one direction,
With others,
At a right to them,
Slowly and with difficulty.

278.    To castrate,
Make infertile,
Deprive of sex or sexual powers,
Or the characteristic attributes,
Of the hair,
Animals that,
Eat a diet,
Consisting only of meat,
Theory for the,
Formation of the Moon,
Which is theorized,
To have formed as a result,
Of a collision,
between the young earth,
And a hypothetical,
Mars sized,
Sometimes called,
Four billion years ago.

279.    Of exceptional strenght, size, or power,
A woman's breast,
Full of happines,
And joy,
The origin,
Each of these axes,
Into two halves,
A positive side,
A negative side,
All the other sites of the,
Throughtout the world,
To concuer,
Of nature,
And rededicate,
The primordial world,
To its new master,
Cosmic microwave background radiation.

280.    Organisms,
That consume both plants and animals,
Many boars,
To plunder,
Densely ordered,
The real line,
Relating to something,
As it is,
Not merely,
As it may be described or distinguished,
Having no imaginary part,
A function which maps,
Distinct input values,
To distinct output values,
Dividing something in two parts,
When the goddess,
Turned a wrathful countenance upon a country,
Send a raging boar,
Which laid waste,
The farmers,
A region supplying large quantities of corn,
Egypt was the granary of Rome.

281.    Protection of,
Or authority over someone or something,
Relating or denoting,
The languages of,
Central asia,
Of the Uralic Altaic,
Of the peoples,
That speak them,
The region beyond the,
The river has flowed,
Into the,
Aral sea,
The Caspian sea,
Or both,
Similar to the,
Like scattered discontinuties within the field of logic,
Incapable of,
Casting doubt,
On emitting else,
But themselves,
The world had a begginning in time,
To the,
I did not.

282.    Move through or penetrate rapidly,
And forcefully,
A confirmation or guarantee,
The obligation on a priest,
Not to divulge,
Anything, said,
During confession,
Within a church,
Or religious body,
An inanimate object,
Is to dedicate it,
In a ritual to a special purpose,
An ethical doctrine that,
Holds that,
Individuals have a moral,
To help others,
If necessary to the exclusion of,
One's own interest or benefit,
Does the freeing of Prometheus,
To aids in the spread of advantageous traits,
To aid in the removal of deleterious genes.

283.    To slay,
Goliath beetle,
A plain figure,
With a specified number of,
Straight sides,
Attractive, excellent,
Or virtuous,
Jöns Jacob Berzelius,
Was a swedish chemist,
States that,
Inorganic substances are composed of,
Different elements,
In constant proportions,
By weight,
From this,
Inorganic chemical compounds were composed of atoms,
Combining in whole number amount's,
Impossible to imitiate,
The internal structure of,
The atom,
With a fixed ratio determining the,
In a pure compound,
The elements,
Combine in definite,
Proportions to each,
Was a chemist,
Joseph Louis Proust,
All else.

284.    Alexandria the furthest,
At the mouth of,
Fergana valley,
Nomadic tribes for centuries,
Aermenian chronicles identify this nation as,
White Huns,
Denoting social organisms,
In which,
A single female,
Or caste,
Produces the offspring and,
Non-reproductive individuals,
Cooperate in caring,
For the young,
Attaches itself to,
Sulphur atoms in certain enzymes,
Which are used both,
By the parasite and,
Human host,
A paradox,
What is beyond the river,
Where silk comes from.

285.    A religious censure,
Which is used,
To deprive or suspend,
Membership in a,
Religious community,
Revised the citizens',
To remove all the,
New citizens,
Is the phenomenon of reproductive specialization,
Found in,
Some species of,
A mournful poem,
As the,
Remotest city from,
Any sea,
At a distance about,
Two thousand five hundred kilometers,
The nearest coastline,
An economy,
That does not trade,
With the outside world,
Or an ecosystem,
Not affected,
By influences,
From its outside,
And relies,
On its own resources,
In the year of the Lord,
Volunteered to give up his immortality,
And take the place of,

286.    Add as an extra or subordinate part,
A ring,
To joint connecting the foot with the leg,
The rudimentary basis of,
A particular organ or other part,
Especially in an embryo,
Life, soul,
Annular eclipse,
To drive it,
Into thick snow,
Which sets,
This labour,
In mid-winter,
Unequal marriage,
Small doses can kill,
The parasite,
Without causing damage,
To the patient.

On The Parasitism - 1

270.    Confront and deal with,
Have in prospect,
The idea that everything,
That exist is made from a small number of basic substances,
That behave in,
Regular ways,
When multiple explanations are avaliable,
For a phenomenon,
The simple version is preferred,
Unit of information,
Actions that benefit others,
With a detrimental or neutral effect on the actor's,
Own psychology,
Or the cause of her actions,
Is a measure of its apparent brightness,
That is,
The amount of light,
Received from the object,
If three things are not enough,
To verify an affirmative proposition,
About things,
A fourth must be added,
And so on.

271.    Where,
The meaning of a word or phrase,
Is expressed by many or several,
Or significant meaning,
Having a specified temper or disposition,
With a key,
To realize that the,
Best tools to cut the,
Creature's own claws,
Evolutionary medicine,
Darwinian medicine,
Is a perspective on medicine,
Derived through,
Applying evolutionary theory,
Birth of pain,
Paul W. Ewald,
Is an evolutionary biologist,
Has shown that many,
Common diseases of unknown origin,
Are in fact caused by
The presence of,
Slowly acting viruses,
The Third Culture,
Is the idea that,
Explanation of things,
Such as scientific explanations,
Ought to be continually,
Reduced to the,
Very simplest entities possible,
No simpler.

272.    A multification problem,
Or to one that,
Worsens upon,
Conventional attempts to solve it,
Transpose the subject,
And predicate of,
A proposition,
According to certain rules,
To form a new proposition,
By inference,
Third bird,
To which it can be attach,
A substance or agent,
That dissolves something,
Unsuitable in combination,
As whatever is copied from,
One person to another person,
Whether habits, skills, songs, stories,
Or any other kind of information,
A piece of broken pottery,
Is the relationship between,
The action or state,
Expressed by an action,
And its arguments,
Increase by a large or excessive amount,
An organism that lives in,
Or on the living tissue of,
A host organism,
At the expense of,
That host.

273.    Sum of logic,
Esse est percipi,
A very brief,
Exponential expansion,
Of the early universe,
Interrupting the,
Standart linear expansion,
Consists of particles that came out,
Of a volcanic vent,
Traveled though the air or,
Under water,
And fell back,
On the ground surface or on the ocean floor,
A horizontal supporting surface,
Starting with unadorned diction,
And shed over it,
Like a harmony,
The melodious rhythm,
A physical quantity,
Related to the velocity and mass of an object,
Stating that,
Some quantity is,
Inversely proportional to the,
Square of the distance from,
A point.

274.    Final disposition of dead,
Would have,
If it were,
A standardized distance away,
The moment of momentum,
Made the desicion,
To live forever,
In sleep,
A basic,
Theoretical unit of sound,
That can distinguish words,
Arranged in four male-female pairs,
With the males associated with,
And the females,
I am that has been,
And that will be,
No mortal,
Has yet,
Been able,
To lift,
The veil,
That covers me.

Monday, September 16, 2013

It is the philosopher,

And before all time,
There was a time,
May his name and memory be obliterated,
Guilty of such sins,
Deemed not worthy of being,
Gaze into the face of,
Absolute Evil,
Affirming him to be turbulent above the others,
Begeteth truth and lying, good and evil,
Light and darkness,
In the,
Same word and in the same act.

Processes of the temporal,
Which helps this support the toungue,
Where it is anchored,
That help to elevate,
Is unique,
In that it is the only,
Lightest that can be produced,
Without additional massive particles,
But not all change-neutral particles,
And was the first particle,
Containing a bottom quark,
During swallowing and,
Which vary from dialect to dialect,
Carte Visurilor si sfarsitul Epistolei,
Si, Cartea lui Noah,
Saying that the acceptance of,
Two physes.

The perceptive faculty,
Enabling one to recognize,
The form and the nature of,
The hermaphrodite of the earliest being;
And accidently killed his own son,
Instead of this,
The gods,
Again changed him into a,
To deal with one of those boys,
Who love to roam around at night,
The son who remains standing,
Being called Panther,
But shows disrespect to those,
Older than him,
And to the sages,
Bonnes hommes and bonnes femmes!
If i could only lay hold of a copy, i must ask leave to go,
And compare it with the original.

A Rose by any other name,
Circumincession of the Trinity,
In the first person,
The philosopher who is in an outer body,
He is not the one to whom,
It is proper to pay respect,
It is the philosopher,
According to the inner man,
Become masters of it,
It is perhaps one of the loose ends,
That he had planned to clean up,
Living for Eternity.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

justice, together.


    Concerned with something as it exist at one point in time!

The simultaneous occurrence of events with no discernible casual connection! A simultaneous action, development or occurrence!

A movement for transferring the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution to workers and unions: justice, together.

A system of gearwheels consisting of a central wheel around which other wheels!

Exposed to the heat of The Sun!

    Government by military forces; a cloud forming a low layer of clumped or broken grey masses!

The very highest levels of something; move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place.
Be unfaithful to a spouse or partner, not in the right place; separated from a group.
Having no home or having wandered away from home. Arising naturally but unwanted and usually detrimental!

The practice of feeding baby when it cries for a feed rather than at set of times;
A form of government in which people have a voice in the exercise of power, through elected representatives!
Control of a group by the majority of its members; power, rule!
Extremely bad or serious, having a great need or desire for something violent or dangerous!
Deprived of hope, tending to cause harm!
Wear away!

    A mirage seen in the straits of Messina from the name of the legendary enchantress Morgan le Fay, sister of King Arthur!

    The belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable;
    An occurrence of death by accident, in war or from disease;
Helplessness in the face of fate!

    A secure place, well protected by natural features!

    The ability of dye to maintain its colour without fading or wasting away!
    Ascertain or establish by research or calculation;
    Specify the value, position or form uniquely;
    Completely terminate,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behold! She is in your hand,

Unidentified fragments ;
Clean exposed surface will rapidly accumulate,
Due to weak forces of attraction,
It does not,
From a perfect sphere,
Around the nucleus,
Et Al,
A link to the far future,
Being used to tap the energy,
The strength of their change,
Comprises the multiple repetition of,
Of Hat-kaptah.

And was killed,
By a hippopotamus,
Opening the mouth,
Claiming to speak,
Not as a theologian,
But as a historian,
Now behold!
I will reveal to you,
My mysteries,
Since you are my fellow brethren,
And you shall know,
Them All!

Forgive someone who,
Each of two or more forces,
Acting in different directions,
Which are together,
Equivalent to,
A larger whole,
Aye and whether,
To throw,
Above all,
Forget all,
Of my work as an author,
Forgive someone who~

In equal scale weighing delight and dole,
Is he armed that hath,
His quarrel just,
Which gives the value one,
If at least one,
Has the value one,
Gives a value of,

Is in the direction of mathematical equality?
For she came from the ends of the earth,
To give ear to the wisdom,
Wilth lighted torches,
The Naked Queen,
Remarked by the beauty of the flower,
Grand, Beautiful, Red,
Bridge to an alone arch,
An alone span,
To an alone traveller~

Once again,
Make posterity my confidant,
Free radical,
The first organic free radical,
Used to refer to,
Atoms that remain unchanged,
Over the course of a reaction,
Resulting in mutations,
To find the idea for which,
Can live and die~

Not-to live,
Linked in open chains,
Forgive someone who,
Whatever else,
They oxidize first,
As in a cell,
That halts the oxidation,
The anguish of Abraham,
Who can prove that they are really adressed to me,
You know the story~

Is the reverse of the oxidation?
To a series of equations,
Provehito in altum,
Attached to the middle,
Attached to one of the end,
Fear and trembling,
The destruction of the human race,
Or more than one,
A beautiful life,
Viva Voce,
Reduced row echelon form.

With the living voice,
Legacy was the only means,
The Philosophers,
And with them,
The people of the world,
By interception of signals,
So that he saw,
Neither Isaac,
Nor the ram~

Present in the primordial environment,
Mutilated by his own mother,
Illustrious Agaue,
Here the sun does not shine,
Both upon the good and upon the evil,
The Cyle,
Forgive someone who,
Also known as,
Kight's Star~

She is in your hand,
But don't touch her life,
Forgive someone who,
Yet repent in dust and ashes,
And upon winning her affection,
Breaking off the,
Spheres of existence~

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feel a powerful desire for, Peace, Safety.

43.    Away,
A system or set of principles underlying,
The arrangement of elements,
In a computer or electronic device,
So as perform a specified task,
The theory that all propositions can be,
Analysed into simple independent elements of meaning,
Corresponding to elements making up facts about the world,
A thing that is helpful or beneficial,
A curved flat piece of wood that can be thrown so as to,
Return to the thrower,
Used by Australian Aboriginals as a hunting weapon,
Deduce from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit,
Treat with excessive kindness,
Feel a powerful desire for,

44.    A form of words used as a magical charm or incantation,
The light-gathering power or f-number of a camera lens,
Denoting special attachment,
Movement or space for movement,
Move or race in a winding path,
Avoiding obstacles,
The invension in a second phrase or clause of the order of,
Words in the first,
Make or become sore by rubbing,
Ask someone urgently and fervently for something,
Of or denoting the genital phase of psychosexual development,
Especially in males,
A body of Macedonian infantry with shields touching,
And spears overlapping.

45.    A light,
Open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage,
Son of the sun god Helios in Grek Mythology,
Of or characteristic of the lower middle class,
Especially in being conventional and conservative,
Little townsfolk,
A world map protection,
In which areas are shown in correct proportion at the expense,
Of distorted shape,
A formal written request,
Signed by many people,
Appealing to authority in respect of a cause,
A constitutional right to reject a desicion,
Or proposal made by a law-making body,
Give, grant, or disclose in a gracious,
Or condescending manner,
To call,
A solemn promise.

46.    Act as ghost writer of,
The mind viewed as distinct from the body,
A bundle of rods with protecting axe blade,
Carried by a lictor in ancient Rome,
As a symbol of a magistrate's power,
And used as an emblem of authority,
In fascist Italy,
That which has been spoken,
Change to one of a different kind,
Publicly declare to be wrong or evil,
Kill by humane means,
Formed in its present position,
A system of government by one person with absolute power.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The dweller on the Treshold

The Dweller in the Gulf,
Have seen the hoary sky,
Had the highest known proper motion,
Of any star in the sky,
Is in fact,
A double star in the sky,
Such as is also found in musical prose,
And it usually employs,
In the Sirius sector,
As the planet of origin for the human species,
If they originated on a single planet,
And if so which,
Cling the lingering last the ling.

To move in that cold air and indigo twilight,
Upon her last terrestrial journey,
Through Karnak's mouldering halls,
The city of the Singing Flame,
Our grief, wherever She be laid,
A spy enters,
Identifiable by having the forefinger,
Longer than the middle finger,
A candidate for the determination of,
An object is a point at which the object's mass,
Can be assumed for,
It has never acted contrary to the mechanical nature of,
The quarter chord point.

All forces occur in pairs,
Equal in magnitude and,
Opposite in direction,
For each star,
The other is its,
Companion star,
Formed together in one system,
By the laws of attraction,
And unoccupied when they happen to,
Gravity or electromagnetic force,
Propinquity, similarity, familiarity, reciprocality,
States should be reduced to the same standard,
For what could only be an opinion with no direct effect.

Light reveals the genius loci,
Later to become the fish-god Dagon of the Philistines,
The Master Mind of Mars,
Teaching pupils individually,
The dweller on the Treshold,
Because of his praeternatural ability,
To manipulate time and space,
Guarding the entire household,
Had far-reaching consequences,
One of which was the elucidation of the nature of light,
The fainter star is bluer if the brighter star is giant star,
And redder if the brighter star belongs to main sequence.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thump! Thump! Thump!

It killed,
A good many of your plants,
Life in Death,
A heated greenhouse for plants,
Without a degree,
A bold dragoon,
With a frosty east wind,
Was able to feed upon,
Both man and beast,
From old and young,
As a right or due,
On the day,
Of cruxification.

Have used bass drums,
As small as 14,
As large as 36,
Required a knowledge,
Of where to look,
Until now,
If one is guessed it,
Then it,
Was that non-linear,
Partial differential equations,
Of that type,
Can be made to do,
Of all.

Spiders web,
La Maquina,
Storm and stress,
Cosmic string,
We each had suits of black,
A good deal cut up yourself,
Aided in the deception,
Left your door open,
Yet must recur it,
It killed,
A good many,
Your plants.

The agreement stands,
For growth of tall plants,
The vantage of truth,
The poet,
Upon the sea,
To stand,
Upon the shore,
A patrician,
An object as a reminder,
That you have to,

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Istanbul, yes Istanbul,

And no more garments than were needful,
Because Turkish has no gender,
The appearance of truth,
She, he and it,
Turkish has one,
Will fail to effect who shuns verisimilitude,
And truth to nature,
Shepherdess without temptation,
Especially as a sign of respect,
To anoint my right eye,
With an indefinite compound,
Pouring upon the barren earth.

And raises her hand to her forehead,
Istanbul, yes Istanbul,
Coupled with the menstrual cycle,
Temporarily store elastic energy during the throw,
Gives the person of a possessor,
Of the object,
Named by the island,
I am an island,
Has her hand on her womb,
Now only coming to a resolution,
She reads a poem,
And lo! he springs upon his feet in pain.

Thought for example,
Be created,
In the environmental confluence of natural grain-producing areas,
With pasture and forest,
By mother,
It is better to debate without answering,
She who gives birth,
But was herself not born of any,
May yield to the prevailing wisdom,
That encourages the substitution of,
A part for the whole,
Guardian clutching an ankh in her claws.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feareth Not!

1.    A dessert plum of a blue - black variety,
Often crystallized,
A friar or nun of an order founded at Mount Carmel,
During the crusades,
Heal by charm,
A vivid or crimson pigment,
Made from cochineal.

2.    Yira,
Get psyched,
During the ymun they were amazing at,
Keeping spirits and morale at very high level,
Resisting occupation,
Ideational sources of insurgency,
As history,
Its global legacy,
Non violent dissent,
Radical respectability,
A popular mandate,
Strategies of migration and displacement in civil wars,
The allure of dystopia,
Fiction and popular culture,
An Arabic slave narrative,
Perceptions, politics, and power,
Hall of graduated studies,
Violence and racism in diverse society,

3.    Indigenous,
Evidence from a school choice experiment,
Transitional Genealogy,
Our blood will not forgive,
The subtle but important,
Our daily lives.

4.    Vica Versa,
Ox is thyself,
Unicorn is speech,
Lion is anger,
Horse is action,
The ox is thought,
Vice versa,
Eleven is key,
Feareth not The Unicorn,
The claws and teeth of The Lion,
Feareth not The Horse,
Teeth of The Camel,
Feareth not The Ox,
The goad of the Ploughman.

5.    Man lie per se all,
Allah peal in amalgam.

6.    To cover,
So hell is the concealed place,
To become whole and sound,
Return to health,
A kiln,
The cocoon or chrysalis of an insect,
For the most part,
In a manly manner,
A hypothesized documentary source of certain portions of the,
Pentateuch that have a formal style,
Contain genealogical lists and descriptions of rituals,
Use the Tetragrammaton to refer to God.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Make null and void!

Cancel out, invalid!
Having or associated with the value zero.
Having no element or only zeros as elements!
Having no positive substance!
Not any!
Completely empty space, unoccupied!

Valhalla: the slain hall.


    Be strong:
An arm, leg or wing, a large branch of a tree, a branch of a cross, a specified edge of the disc of The Sun, The Moon, or other celestial object ; the blade or broad part of a leaf or petal ; the spreading part of a tube shaped flower.

    The graduated area of a quadrant or other scientific instruments!
Hem, border, each of four parts of a circle from four!
Complete and airtight!
Insulated or protected from outside influences.

Hermes Trismegistus!

    A person living in solitude as religious discipline, a reclusive or solitary person; turn under and sew the edge of.

Surround and restrict the space or movement, not allowing air to escape or pass through.
Grow again, a person who avoids others and lives a solitary life.

Again to shut!

Done or existing alone.

A single diamond in a piece of jewellery!
A ring with the single gem!

Join, fasten or repair!
Bring something to a favourable state or conclusion.

Sivan: the ninth month of the civil and religious year.

    Showing great knowledge or insight, very deep!

    Disjoin, divide of something bad, undesirable or difficult; very great intense, existing at or form the beginning of time, first of all, first begin.

    A solution rich in organic compounds in which life on earth is originated, widespread in a particular area at particular time, predominant, powerful!

Prove more powerful; be victorious!

Before have power; a dragon, winding and twisting.
Complex, cunning and treacherous!

    A dark green mineral consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate, sometimes mottled and spotted like a snake's skin, move or lie in a winding path or line.
    A metrical line beginning and ending with the same word:


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom Available

A man riding a winged horse,
Keep water in the plant,
Even in intense heat,
And breed,
Catching with tail hook,
And when time has passed,
The creation of neologism by,
Reinterpreting an earlier word,
As a compound,
And removing the affixes,
An Old World grass,
In a sequence of events,
By which the vegetation of an area,
Develops and,
Becomes the pair,
Build nests,
In the lives of men.

Why aren't they here,
Should be slightly angled upward,
No spurious progeny of theirs,
Decelerating their vibratory,
Rate to appear,
Any way they desire,
The very bottom end,
Seven and their dog being the eight,
Should be slightly turned upwards,
The size of the,
Should be,

Atomic number,
Which is immortal,
The specification is meant to,
Describe the what,
Not the how,
Will guide to me a course,
Even shorter than this,
The right path,
Meant the number of,
An element's place,
Com and summa,
Comes to pass of the future.

Gradually grow faint and disappear,
Of all things,
In all ways of places,
For all,
Of their,
Own mortal parts,
Freedom available,
Movement in,

Sunday, June 30, 2013


232.    The section of,
A traditional pantomime,
In which,
Harlequin played a leading role,
To mix,
Impart knowledge to or instruct,
In how to do something,
The practice of,
Making only a perfunctory or symbolic effort,
To do a particular thing,
Especially by recruiting a small number of people from,
Under represented groups,
In order to give the appearance of,
Sexual or racial equality,
Within a workforce,
An agency or means of doing something,
The practice of claiming to have,
Higher standards or beliefs than is the case,
Sexual practice that involves,
The tying up or restraining of one partner,
Must be placed,
Under the same category.

233.    Tear down and destroy,
Cut with a razor,
The induction of a state of consciousness,
In which a person loses the power of,
Voluntary action,
And is highly responsive to suggestion or direction,
Especially in order to start a journey,
Move or cause to move in a circle or spiral,
Just as those are really moved by,
Anger, or fear, or indignation,
Or jealousy
Or any emotion,
Not legally pertinent,
Hawthorne Studies,
A contract entered into or asset,
Held as a protection against possible financial loss,
They are,
Despite the fact that,
A stiff,
Sharp-pointed woody projection,
On a stem or other part of a plant,
The Hawthorne Effect,
A game in which players in turn vault with,
Parted legs over,
Others who are,
Bending down,
Deprived of mind,
Dishonestly manipulate,
A dice.

234.    Here begins,
Arma Virumque Cano,
Of or relating to a pope,
Or the papacy,
Think out or plan,
An action,
Especially a crime,
The period during which adolescents reach,
Sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction,
A member of a Roman Catholic order of priests,
Founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola,
And others in,
Put a jess,
A short leather strap,
That is fastened round each leg of a hawk,
To which a leash may be attached,
The general public,
Arrange for something,
To take place at a time later than that,
First scheduled,
When he wrote,
I will believe that the white that I see is black if the hierarchical Church so defines it,
On a razor's edge.

235.    Begging the question,
The part of the mind,
In which innate instictive impulses,
And primary processes are manifest,
For our fortunes,
Lie on a razor's edge,
A combination of,
Persuation and attitude change,
Propaganda, coersion,
And restriction of access to information,
Indoctrinate systematically,
And so completely as to effect,
A radical transformation of attitudes and beliefs,
Strongly encourage or urge to do something,
The time when puberty begins,
Coolness or reserve between people,
A mistaken belief,
Deliberately mislead or mispresented the,
Truth to,
Igne Natura Renovatur Integra,
To project or extend beyond,
Pour through,
To try,
Expose danger.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The people of walking

Aristotele's Lantern,
The scene of his birth,
In the sea's white frothing,
The ram produced by the ninth wave,
I ask for a hearing,
Kinsman of Heimdall,
Of all the holly races,
Greater and lesser,
Then Heimdall spoke,
The future well,
Whitest of the Aesir,
Like the other Vanir,
He knew,
Even as do the Vanir,
It is said that,
It was Freyra,
Who thaught magic to the Aesir.

Vesica Piscis,
Which may mean,
Good for nothing or,
A man who concerned himself,
With question of,
No practical value,
For whatever was,
Studied by art in,
Egypt, Syria, Greece, Sicily and Provence,
In all its various forms,
The serious and learned master,
Leonardo Bigollo,
New material has been added,
From which superfluous had been removed,
He also proved,
That a square cannot be a congruum.

Non overlapping identical spheres,
Which fill a space,
Where the,
Are circles,
A specific kind of network,
In which the distribution of,
Is not confined to a certain scale,
And where every node can be reached,
From every other,
By a small number of loops and steps,
The Erdös Number,
Is a sphere,
Which has dimensions three or,

Formed in the shape of a cube,
That fill the plane with no overlaps and no gaps,
Which could completely cover,
An infinitive plane,
But only in a pattern which,
Is non-repeating,
Which has discovered by the British mathematician,
And physicist,
Roger Penrose,
Robert Amman,
Liber Abaci.

Cast her eyes upon the hero,
And wished to be his wife,
The invocation,
Ishtar and Izdubar,
Midnight Courtship,
The King at The Shrine,
With prayers we entreat,
Which our poem is based,
How long,
Of Heaven them all doth fold,
Where a forest grows,
Within this lovely spot beneath the wood,
At Ishtar's soft command.

When real estate developers threaten the sacred campsite,
Of the Tarish,
A long-vanished tribe,
Who appear to,
Choe and Joaquin,
On foggy nights,
The recognitions,
With the Tarish priests,
The people of walking.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am that I am

236.    A feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will,
The state of being an enemy,
Plentifulness, prosperity,
In a still higher degree,
A society governed by meritocracy,
State or make known,
That amounts to the apparently paradoxical idea,
That a proposition or theory,
Cannot be scientific,
If it does not admit consideration of the,
Of being false,
Refrain from injuring or using,
A headless nail used for the soles and heels of shoes,
A therapeutic technique involving hypnotism,
Named after the Austrian physician,
Franz Anton Mesmer,
Restrict the movements,
To allow healing,
Unable to be divided or,
To tame,
To be thoroughly moved or changed by something,
Or similar things.

237.    A system of,
Psychological theory and therapy,
Which aims to treat mental disorders,
By investigating the interaction of,
Conscious and unconscious elements in the mind,
And bringing repressed fears and conflicts,
Into conscious mind,
Relating to, or influenced by,
Austrian neurologist,
Sigismund Scholomo Freud,
And his methods of psychoanalysis,
Especially with reference to the importance of sexuality in,
Human behaviour,
So bold and hazardous,
From surge,
The part of the mind,
That mediates between the conscious and the unconscious,
And responsible for reality,
And testing a sense of personal identity,
Is the channeling of impulses to socially accepted behaviours,
For instance,
The use of a dark, gloomy poem,
To describe the life,
By such poets,
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson.

238.    Tell all the truth but tell it slant,
Produces a far grater effect,
By this very use,
The undesirable concentration of mental energy,
In one direction.
Sui generis,
The part of the mind that acts,
As a self-critical conscience,
Reflecting social standards,
Learned from parents and teachers,
Adds the long-awaited conclusion,
At the right place,
Not planned or thought out in advance,
Lose moisture and turn to a fine powder,
On exposure to air,
I am that I am.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sons of the keys!

At the center of a black hole,
Unrolling the circumference,
One-seventh again,
Beyond three diameters,
Boundary of any space,
An event horizon,
Thus the total path integral,
Is unitary and information,
Is not lost in the formation,
Sons of the keys!
Black, white, red, rose and stone,
This is because,
For one reason.

Action has no limits of time,
Expansion depends on,
Distant past to distant future,
But has followed the thread,
Which spin themselves from,
Mirror wormhole,
See this finish,
To reach such horizon of events,
A waiting an infinitive time.

Come in contact with,
Hail to thee,
Most distant or remote point,
And to thee,
Ones that they were before thew,
Stitch resembling a chain,
The final state in the infinite future,
Any meter stick closer than the event horizon,
Could not be seen by an observer,
Outside the event horizon,
Free particles in-states,
Free particles out-states.

Can be greater than the speed of light,
It's velocity,
With the current value equal to one,
At the crossing point of the two horizons,
Stretched out,
What remains visible of the outside universe,
You are free to use any,
Where it is counted from the birth,
Of universe,
Alam! Ulum!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Material that is forced or thrown out,
Especially as a result of volcanic eruption or meteoritic impact,
Of or relating to the,
Ancient Greek city of Elea in Southwest Italy,
Home to a 5th century school of philosophers that included,
Xenophanes, Parmenides and Zeno,
A distorted image which appears normal,
When viewed from a particular point,
With a suitable mirror or lens,
A method of approaching philosophical problems,
Through analysis of the terms in which they expressed,
Hard translucent fossilized resin,
Originated from extinct coniferous trees,
A yellow light used as a cautionary signal between,
Green for go,
And red for stop.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stop! Stop! Weapons and pythons

One realizes that,
There is an enormous space,
But if to see,
A full spectrum of intended,
Set in each,
Gentes minores~

Unworthy of all,
And that the crude,
Between the men,
All the skillful ones,
Do not find,
Any difference,
That of a long time,
Stop! Stop!
Weapons and pythons.

Using a maze,
With three different choises,
World and the native,
Is minimum,
That are different,
Ceremonies of initiating boys,
From within the genes~

The gens,
In fact,
Was exogamous,
Keep them from dying,
When the winds blow strong,
And the waves roll high~

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ya Sin,

Of the Exploding Sun :
On the origin of the World,
But have every right to do so,
In the death of children,
Nestled in the womb?
The exegesis on the Soul,
Was the third son,
To place in a niche?
Know that,
All men born from the foundation of the world until now,
Are dust?
You shall be born,
But three aspects of the Mind,
Formative cognition,
Transitive cognition,
Essential cognition,
And one which remains behind,
Which brings all things to be,
Axis Mundi,
But now there came from out of the niche.

To the Trumpeting Place:
Ya Sin,
Knowledge which they leave behind for others to evaluate,
My Smoking Bothers You,
Don't Breathe!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where three roads meet


    The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.

Correct or pleasing proportion of parts!

Similarity or exact correspondence, the property of being unchanged by given operation or process: with measure!

Fellow drinker!

    A complex whole; a set of things working together as a mechanism or interconnecting network with set up an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality.

    The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity:



Devil to slander!

Clear of dregs, purify!

A state or society governed by the wealthy; an elite or ruling class whose power derives from their wealth!

The authority of wealth!

A strict Calvinistic religious body formed at Plymouth in Devon, having no formal creed or ministry and emphasizing an expected millennium.

A die for coining!

A person who watches at a show, game or other event, a visually striking performance or display!
To look; having the same end or result.

Suffer patiently!
Remain in existence!

    Of little value or importance; denoting a subgroup that either contains only the identity element or is identical with given group, place where three roads meet.

A state of happiness based on not knowing about or ignoring potential trouble, causes to feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled.

Prevent from progressing, succeeding or from doing or achieving something; a person who exploits others ruthlessly, having no meaning.

Empty, without substance!


Correctness concerning standards of behaviour or morals;
A thing or things belonging someone, a characteristic of something:
Truly what something is said or regarded to be;

Sunday, May 26, 2013


27206 -Helicon-

The Earth in Noah’s time,
Members of a proto-Hebrew pantheon,
Despite in the literal text of the Bible,
Mating with humans,
That Angels do not marry,
In heaven,
Those who were unbelievers,
Still others believe that the,
Expression denoting those in,

Foundation of the World,
Preserved unto the end of the Earth,
A false tale often betrays itself,
Took wives,
Of the daughters of men,
Father of sons and daughters,
Knew his wife again,
Lived one-hundred-five years,
Also born a son to him,
And became the father of a son in his own likeness.

The House!
Load roar of laughter,
Angelic Renaissance,
Commit a further office,
Demonic possession,
Their pounding feet awaken,
Venetian blind in array,
Why are ye come out to set your battle?

Toastmasters of the Evening!
Toastmistress call me,
Swallowed up by the earth,
Screened out,
Leading into a high reflectivity,
The Most Serene Republic,
By this name they described the star’s smallness,
The smallest thing there is,
And the name of the smallest seed known to them,
Is the heaviest star,
As a white dwarf,
Star of Po.

28206 1

On simple living amongst nature,
Having the shape or form of helix,
A mountain in the region of Thespiai,
According to the right-hand rule,
Quickly added this new information to the older one,
Because the walls along the path,
To the exit of the maze form structure,
An object that gains its material properties,
From its structure rather then,
Inheriting them,
Directly from the materials it is composed of.

To keep seven of them in Thespiai,
To sing the origins of the gods,
Plutôt que l'amour,
Que l'argent,
Que la renommée, donnez-moi la vérité,
Weighed against the fact that,
Labour is attended with pain and continued exertion,
The rampart lion of Scotland,
En passant.

On the fountain Hippocrene,
Here the,
Overgrown arch of a grotto,
As one of the most precious, delicious gifts on earth,
The donation of Water,
Mulla dies sime linea,
That were seen as the reason for the,
Thank you!
I was digging and I found you,
Whatever reason,
Has brought tears to my eyes,
Thank you!
Just may have discovered that,

Easier to work with,
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction,
Than the initial data set,
Algorithms can map the relation,
Roll, in a lower dimensional space,
Ships among points in a geometry,
July seventeen.

28206 2

Vertical Ancillary Data Space,
Share your thoughts,
The Guardian,
You’ve arrived,
Envy, my pride,
Not an empty treasure,
Is the prayer,
Said to exist in a rock,
Near the farm,
Carry data,
In parts of the transmission signal,
That is not displayed,
On the screen.

Big Swiss Roll,
That has negative refractive index,
It consists of concentric cylinders,
Travel halfway around the world and back,
The axis on which the Earth turns,
For all the laymen out there,
Skipping stones,
And all of the people on board,
The Eiona, or the Ionia, or the Eona,
Twisting in the foundation.

The Chief Scientist,
Works mainly from home,
But is,
Welcome sight in the office,
Leó Festetics,
The citizen presents himself,
By giving his surname,
To some degree,
As a composer.

Best Twisters came from Helicon,
Tobacco may be grown there,
Two indigenous species are known,
Camel and tiger,
A beast of burden,
Appears in the saying,
Can’t get off,
For then it will eat you,
Arc to Arcturus then speed on Spica.


Follow the arc,
A smooth arc,
Around which the town of Canopus,
Was the pilot of the ship,
While visiting the coasts of Egypt,
Organs were placed by the Temple,
A temple to Osiris,
Misunderstanding the name,
As an Asylum for fugitive slaves,
Under a peculiar form,
That of a vase with a human head.

The Decree,
In year nine,
Seven the month,
In writings of the books,
Scribes of the temple,
And shall be incised in a stele,
The Temple-Wardens!
The Prophets!
The Hierodules!
Thus blinding the viewer,
Here the seventeenth March.


Partnership overcomes barriers,
To solid-state light sources,
Long Lived!
To Anacreon in Heaven,
Wit, harmony, and the good wine,
In music,
Of god-haunted Olmeios,
And lead then above your rounds,
On the summit,
And first they bathe,
Its fine skin in the waters of Permessos,
There quenched the thirst,
The old ones,
Source or the gods,
On the mountain.

Freely welcome tu my cup,
Brake lights, and big animated signs,
Private visitors of Zion,
Have supported us,
The Ones that stain blue,
Happiness and transports,
Splendid by love,
And everlasting is set.

The preserver of the works,
Are the only four perfects known,
During the twelwe thousand parsecs,
Four of the perfects,
Apparently a very high standard,
Stands for,
Parallax of one arc second,
North or south of the celestial equator,
Not right ascension.

Who could live on land,
But dwelled mostly in the sea,
On their list of places,
Was been nearly forgotten,
And for scientists,
Who search for evidence,
Life forms were crowded out,
And became extinct.


Triumph of the Will,
A return to the story-telling style of order.

Thus Hélicon,
A low frequency electromagnetic wave,
Maybe able to the special ability,
Screened out, leading to a high reflectivity,
Since the high conductivity,
Hence the shine,
Mani Pulite,
Thus Helicon,
Became an emblem of,
The skin of the conduction.

-end of the Helicon-

Monday, May 20, 2013

All seeing eye

The nine mountain schools,
Development in a non-religious context,
There is no experience of the body in the four higher,
The Ancient Anatolian Turkish,
Göktürkçe and Uygur,
With the insertion of Arabian and Persian,
To watch over, to take care of, to keep an eye,
At the beginning of the ninth century,
Thus come or thus gone,
People living in Anatolia, but also Georgians, Armenians in Caucasia,
And the Croations and the Albanians,
Living around Balkans,
At the beginning of the ninth century.

In a few minutes,
The poetess looked,
Reminding the group of the amount of time remaining,
Brain region that controls singing processes,
Summit of the sacrum,
Structure, function, and evolution,
Activity which makes easy the task of others,
And as the fires die away,
The three angels stand,
An angry man stirreth up strife,
And a furious man aboundenth in transgression,
Writer of insignificant, meretricious, or shoddy poetry.

Good luck plant,
The ti plant,
Manifested, together. with an aura of,
Pleasingly mild,
Hawaiian lava sledding,
Many islands,
Within the triangle,
Ooze down the slope,
Stretching the cool outer layer like taffy,
A number of leaves are lashed together,
And people ride down hills of them,
Please believe me, I'm not crazy,
He was excellent fisherman in the ship of Mauri.

Which fork to use,
Haunting lice by candlelight,
If they're used on different people,
Sometimes called frottage,
It was a technique especially employed by surrealists,
If they're used on different people,
Enter as a hawk,
Come out as a phonix,
In the morning,
To mitigate their non-stopping onanism,
An extinct genus,
Coming forth into light,
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis.

Festina lente,
The stars are not right,
Where at least six of the principal words may,
Separately be,
Taken as the,
May arise in harmonious consistency with its,
Logic The Science of Inference,
The sun rises,
Withold such attribute on the same evidence,
Riding high,
From debts, and usury, and business free.

To apologize for being a freedman's son,
All man are mortal,
And my father,
Seemed to enjoy the state of happiness,
Which is celebrated by poets and philosophers,
As the most agreeable to nature,
And the rising anguish quell,
That the winter is to be joyful and pleasantly passed,
The conclusion does not in this case vary, for simplicity,
Welcome to Arctic Dancing Mirage,
Babe can never hunger there,
Learn something new everyday,
Seek the absent minded star.

The Island of the Seven Cities,
That in composing them,
Carried out at a subconscious,
Yes, I understand,
The stars are right,
And with strange aeons even death may die,
And sympathies were enlarged,
The scorching star,
Signifying its position to the right of a Muslim as he faces Mecca,
Orbiting at a full revolution every fifty years,
From his transforming nature, and multifarious aspects comes,
Men advised one another,
To see had risen up out of blackness of twenty-seven century.

Belonging to memory,
Great tidal river,
Source of all mythological legends of space-shifters,
Who could change shape at will,
Who rule the earth,
Alien and human,
And support erection,
Weird, unpredictable, and possibly,
Treating depression, anxiety, and personality,
That which makes us into a person,
Study of all things,
Who knows,
Stalker among the Stars.

By Fortuna,
Have been observed several times,
According to the various circumstances of living in which,
Frustrates the hope of a lover,
Who has been helped by reason,
The island that is reached before,
My outcast state,
The shining one in the passage of Yemen,
Translated by some as the Horizon,
By others as the Light,
All seeing eye,
Blocking it from view,
May not passed until after a period of regeneration.

Who greets the souls of the newly dead,
Offering them bread and water,
At the gates,
In preparation for the return,
With frown face,
He claimed that they had,
Seen a city very far away,
And greater than the great,
A place unknown to the people of that time,
Where are you children?
At the tying,
Discovered slightly,
If you hear my voice and open the door.

Open the seals to the book,
Conquering of self,
Or the sixth root race begins,
And was said to,
From bull to man,
Even as ye have seen him go,
Because true is that,
What they yearn for,
With great thirst,
The shape of the World to come,
Earth changes,
And eagle eating a snake while perched a top a cactus.