Friday, September 15, 2017



Me ne vidn cewsel Sawznek!
Korumak için,
Gerekli mesajları,
Bilme, bildirme, gösterme,
Mare Imbrium'daki,
Corpi Morti! Corpi Morti!
Adından belli,
Bağıran Güneştir!

Pax Vobiscum,
Thallo, Auxo, Carpo,
Dike, Eunomia, Eirene,
Bağıran Güneştir!
Sevinç ve mutluluk,
Bilmek ve umut etmemektir,
Chiffre für das Sein,
Aynı anadan ama başka babalardan,
Yıkılışın ve hiçliğin başladığı sınır,
Bağıran Güneştir!

Nedenini bilerek karara ulaşmak,
İnsan özgür doğmalı, özgür yaşamalıdır,
Mutluluk köpeklikte,
Doğaya dön, doğaya dön,
Bağıran Güneştir.

SHOUTING SUN (Translated from Turkish)

Me ne vidn cewsel Sawznek!
To protect,
Required messages,
Do not know, do not enounce, do not show,
The Ghost
In the Mare Imbrium,
Corpi Morti! Corpi Morti!
Obvious its name,
Shouting Sun!

Pax Vobiscum,
Thallo, Auxo, Carpo,
Dike, Eunomia, Eirene,
Shouting Sun!
Joy and happiness,
Being to know and do not hope,
Chiffre für das Sein,
From the same mother but different fathers,
When exceeded,
The border where collapse and nothingness started is,
Shouting Sun!

Above us,
Achieving the decision by knowing why,
People are free born, free to live,
Happiness is the being like a dog,
Go back to nature, go back to nature,
Virtue is,
Shouting Sun.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Artem Novam

I can recall,
When it is maybe said to have,
Tickled me,
Said to have been called,
Artem Novam,
Pleasure born from detachment,
Of an ellipse,
Is greater than zero and less than one,
Originally black and white,
Or blue or white
With a twisted stem,
Long, spiny red cells, white cells,
And platelets,
Well built and opened out,
Who grew,
Almost invincible and,
Wreacked havoc,
On the world,
The noticing of the object of meditation.

The Last Will

Orphan's Kaddish;
The wonder of the age,
Toward the end of his life,
Account for his belief in miracles,
His anxiety for correct observance,
Most of the rest of the work was,
Of secular sciences,
The whole ritual,
Was of a mild and peace-loving character,
France and the west of Germany,
Augment the murderous din,
The Mourner's Kaddish.

'The Royal game,
Through and through,
Which means,
'The All,
While All is in The All,
'The All is in All,

As with butterfly,
For butter and fly,
As used to sign,
Blue and blew~
A bunch of small bubbles flew,
Life and Light~
'The All,
While All is in The All,
'The All is in All.(f.)

It sa sign of beauty,

Used as the instrument in a,
Who hold beneficial or equitable,
Totus Tuus ego sum,
Suit the action to the word,
The word to the action,
These two trades,
However have been stopped by law,
The devil river,
Testament of Beta,
Last will and,

This law,
Is also known as,
The harmonic law,
Has the same value for all planets,
In the solar system,
Due to natural events and hostile,
And the only place,
In the Universe,
O ma lyre immortelle.

Moor in a harbor,
Give a refuge or shelter,
The Dolphin then inquired,
If he knew the,
Node after one of the two sides,
That planet,
Classified as both a comet and,

That turned into quail,
To escape from Jupiter,
Became the island of the same name,
Their tears,
Fell into the river Eridanos,
Children of the Sun,
One source,
Were three, were five,
The fourth or sixth,
To his death,
Accros the sky.

Desert love,
The river,
Meaning hair of the head,
Symbol B,
By a tide,
Rushing up a narrow estuary,
And Tempel!
Will you love me again?

Was found with a four refractory at,
Amici I,
With the smaller Amici II,
Temple and the publisher,
Engaged on the observatory,
The tower of the Rooster,
In Arcetri.

Undue Influence,
In that case it would be,
As a testator's loss of free agency,
Challenge in probate law,
But there is evidence that the,
Power was unbalanced,
After death,
Of the sixteenth until the end month,
Indicates his class,
My Son,
Receive excellent music instruction?

The first spring day,
Shadows of all the trees,
Call it,
The beginning and the end,
Truth functionally,
The End of Eternity,
Nova Sol,
They live,
Nag Al Na Rad Res.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Enemy Ancestor

The sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet,
The delicate, innermost membrane,
Enveloping the brain,
And the spinal cord,
Knowledge of nature,
Of or relating to the English philosopher,
Sir Francis Bacon,
Or his inductive method,
Of or reasoning and philosophy,
To joke,
Such as massage and exercise,
Rather than by drugs or surgery.

A native or inhabitant of Athens,
Relating to or characterized by reversion,
To something ancient,
Or ancestral,
Any two points can be joined by a straight line,
An account of the,
Origins and the,
Developments in meaning of a,
Fifth postulate,
Denoting a proposed new class,
Of computer or programming language,
Artificial intelligence.

A member of seventeenth century sect,
Expecting the immediate second coming of Christ and,
Repudiating all other government,
A person or thing,
Representing or symbolizing,
A fact or ideal,
A thing,
Believed to be real but,
Existing only in the imagination,
A leaf of a fig tree,
Often used for concealing the genitals,
In paintings and sculpture,
The sum of the angles in a triangle,
Is one hundred eighty degree.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Welcome to Arctic Dancing Mirage

Festina lente,
The stars are not right,
Where at least six of the principal words may,
Separately be,
Taken as the,
May arise in harmonious consistency with its,
Logic The Science of Inference,
The sun rises,
Withold such attribute on the same evidence,
Riding high,
From debts, and usury, and business free.

To apologize for being a freedman's son,
All man are mortal,
And my father,
Seemed to enjoy the state of happiness,
Which is celebrated by poets and philosophers,
As the most agreeable to nature,
And the rising anguish quell,
That the winter is to be joyfull and pleasantly passed,
The conclusion does not in this case vary, for simplicity,
Welcome to Arctic Dancing Mirage,
Babe can never hunger there,
Learn something new everyday,
Seek the absent minded star.

The Island of the Seven Cities,
That in composing them,
Carried out at a subconscious,
Yes, I understand,
The stars are right,
And with strange aeons even death may die,
And sympathies were enlarged,
The scorching star,
Signifying its position to the right of a Muslim as he faces Mecca,
Orbiting at a full revolution every fifty years,
From his transforming nature, and multifarious aspects comes,
Men advised one another,
To see had risen up out of blackness of twenty-seven century.

Belonging to memory,
Great tidal river,
Source of all mythological legends of spaceshifters,
Who could change shape at will,
Who rule the earth,
Alien and human,
And support erection,
Weird, unpredictable, and possibly,
Treating depression, anxiety, and personality,
That which makes us into a person,
Study of all things,
Who knows,
Stalker among the Stars.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Hidden Works

Engraved and revealed to the beauty,
With few exceptions,
The hidden works,
A material,
Part of discourse generally,
And of the Sublime itself,
To place,
Meeting and matter, concern,
A place,
In the third grade in an,
Examination, especially that for a degree,
Where it forms part of a larger word,
And second,
Exactly what is needed or desired,
In truth.

Earth and Mercury,
Are the only,
Two rocky planets with a,
Global magnetic field,
And to proceed,
The transposition of sounds or letters,
In a word,
What next presents itself,
Earn livehood,
By their calling,
And spend upon themselves,
And upon their kindred,
For the love of,
All words,

Art forms nature,
Given, felt, or done in return,
Of another piece,
Which has been discredited in its,
Absolute form,
The idea that,
The development of an organism,
Exactly mirrors,
The evolutionary development of the,
Spinal column,
A statue so lifelike,
That the hounds,
Thought it was,

Monday, June 27, 2016


In an age,
A strong position secured by,
An army inside enemy territory,
From which to advance or,
The impulse generating tissue,
Located in the,
Right atrium of the heart,
With deeds of evil,
That thine,
May be sovereignty ancient,
Imperishable and everlasting,
Responsible for the whole,

To nothing,
Would set the world on fire,
To be ruled than to be free,
Like beasts from a cage,
If let loose without restrain,
Remains visible as a bright ring around,
They do not either contradict the old laws,
As already in being in,
Such manner as,
The respect for others,
Is strong that entered,
There in is safe,
And secure.

A verbal,
Or recorded communication,
Sent by,
Mercury Surface Space Environment Geochemistry and Ranging,
Of our own efforts and,
Which are worthy,
Also will be the first probe to image,
The entire planet,
The things after the Physics,
Referring to the sequence,
Mould into a new form,
Soarest to the realm of the infinite,
And seekest to attain the goal,
Not with lifeless hearts,
Those solids,
Must be reckoned that,
Equal parts of,

Friday, June 24, 2016

The rampart lion of Scotland, En passant. (HELICON)

27206 -Helicon-

The Earth in Noah’s time,
Members of a proto-Hebrew pantheon,
Despite in the literal text of the Bible,
Mating with humans,
That Angels do not mary,
In heaven,
Those who were unbelievers,
Still others believe that the,
Expression denoting those in,

Foundation of the World,
Preserved unto the end of the Earth,
A false tale often betrays itself,
Took wives,
Of the daughters of men,
Father of sons and daughters,
Knew his wife again,
Lived one-hundred-five years,
Also born a son to him,
And became the father of a son in his own likeness.

The House!
Load roar of laughter,
Angelic Renaissance,
Commit a further office,
Demonic possession,
Their pounding feet awaken,
Venetian blind in array,
Why are ye come out to set your battle?

Toastmasters of the Evening!
Toastmistress call me,
Swallowed up by the earth,
Screened out,
Leading into a high reflectivity,
The Most Serene Republic,
By this name they described the star’s smallness,
The smallest thing there is,
And the name of the smallest seed known to them,
Is the heaviest star,
As a white dwarf,
Star of Po.

28206 1

On simple living amongst nature,
Having the shape or form of helix,
A mountain in the region of Thespiai,
According to the right-hand rule,
Quickly added this new information to the older one,
Because the walls along the path,
To the exit of the maze form structure,
An object that gains its material properties,
From its structure rather then,
Inheriting them,
Directly from the materials it is composed of.

To keep seven of them in Thespiai,
To sing the origins of the gods,
Plutôt que l'amour,
Que l'argent,
Que la renommée, donnez-moi la vérité,
Weighed against the fact that,
Labour is attended with pain and continued exertion,
The rampart lion of Scotland,
En passant.

On the fountain Hippocrene,
Here the,
Overgrown arch of a grotto,
As one of the most precious, delicious gifts on earth,
The donation of Water,
Nulla dies sime linea,
That were seen as the reason for the,
Thank you!
I was digging and I found you,
Whatever reason,
Has brought tears to my eyes,
Thank you!
Just may have discovered that,

Easier to work with,
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction,
Than the initial data set,
Algorithms can map the relation,
Roll, in a lower dimensional space,
Ships among points in a geometry,
July seventeen.

28206 2

Vertical Ancillary Data Space,
Share your thoughts,
The Guardian,
You’ve arrived,
Envy, my pride,
Not an empty treasure,
Is the prayer,
Said to exist in a rock,
Near the farm,
Carry data,
In parts of the transmission signal,
That is not displayed,
On the screen.

Big Swiss Roll,
That has negative refractive index,
It consists of concentric cylinders,
Travel halfway around the world and back,
The axis on which the Earth turns,
For all the laymen out there,
Skipping stones,
And all of the people on board,
The Eiona, or the Ionia, or the Eona,
Twisting in the foundation.

The Chief Scientist,
Works mainly from home,
But is,
Welcome sight in the office,
Leó Festetics,
The citizen presents himself,
By giving his surname,
To some degree,
As a composer.

Best Twisters came from Helicon,
Tobacco may be grown there,
Two indigenous species are known,
Camel and tiger,
A beast of burden,
Appears in the saying,
Can’t get off,
For then it will eat you,
Arc to Arcturus then speed on Spica.


Follow the arc,
A smooth arc,
Around which the town of Canopus,
Was the pilot of the ship,
While visiting the coasts of Egypt,
Organs were placed by the Temple,
A temple to Osiris,
Misunderstanding the name,
As an Asylum for fugitive slaves,
Under a peculiar form,
That of a vase with a human head.

The Decree,
In year nine,
Seven the month,
In writings of the books,
Scribes of the temple,
And shall be incised in a stele,
The Temple-Wardens!
The Prophets!
The Hierodules!
Thus blinding the viewer,
Here the seventeenth March.


Partnership overcomes barriers,
To solid-state light sources,
Long Lived!
To Anacreon in Heaven,
Wit, harmony, and the good wine,
In music,
Of god-haunted Olmeios,
And lead then above your rounds,
On the summit,
And first they bathe,
Its fine skin in the waters of Permessos,
There quenched the thirst,
The old ones,
Source or the gods,
On the mountain.

Freely welcome tu my cup,
Brake lights, and big animated signs,
Private visitors of Zion,
Have supported us,
The Ones that stain blue,
Happiness and transports,
Splendid by love,
And everlasting is set.

The preserver of the works,
Are the only four perfects known,
During the twelve thousand parsecs,
Four of the perfects,
Apparently a very high standard,
Stands for,
Parallax of one arc second,
North or south of the celestial equator,
Not right ascension.

Who could live on land,
But dwelled mostly in the sea,
On their list of places,
Was been nearly forgotten,
And for scientists,
Who search for evidence,
Life forms were crowded out,
And became extinct.


Triumph of the Will,
A return to the story-telling style of order.

Thus Hélicon,
A low frequency electromagnetic wave,
Maybe able to the special ability,
Screened out, leading to a high reflectivity,
Since the high conductivity,
Hence the shine,
Mani Pulite,
Thus Helicon,
Became an emblem of,
The skin of the conduction.

-end of the Helicon-

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Answer lies in the past

423. Ipsissima verba,
The ninth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Is the ninth letter of Turkish alphabet,
A spindle,
Is a measure of,
Equal to eighteen hanks,
Is a unified framework for all universal forces,
Where the first element,
At one end with a wheel,
An optional hook at the other hand.

424. Sign such an accent,
Written above or below,
A letter,
To indicate a difference,
Is only used as a second footnote,
Answer lies in the past,
Who had daggers still left,
The only serious candidate,
Being buried with darts,
A tapered tuck in a,
Existance or determinate being,
The endless cycle,
With hands and mouths,
Against man in armour.

425. The aspects of the moon,
Make a solemn declaration,
A witness,
Compounds that functions as,
The primary female sex hormone,
Is a from,
Concentration of the reactants,
And products,
Stop changing,
Plane, bare, unadorred,
Fight with their very mouths,
A collection of symbols,
That jointly express,
A quantity.

426. Named after herself,
Dwelling eastward,
Toward the rising sun,
Beyond the river,
To cover,
That have to be observed,
To obtain a good result,
May eventually play,
A fundamental role in,
Sciences of skies,
Appears to me most worthy of credit,
To refrain from destroying living creatures,
Close the door.

427. Have been,
So called,
From the bear skin,
A getan,
And yet,
Deserving the attention of an elevated spirit,
For mirth too,
Is an emotion,
Its root in,
Kindness, justice and equity,
To refrain from taking that which is not given,
Tend to suppose that,
The universe,
Actually has,
More dimensions than the easily observed,
Three of space,
And one,
Of time.

428. Earth.

429. A viper dripping venom on him,
He, himself said it,
As, I never cease to say,
Show me more card games,
A trace, hint, or smattering,
Is placed,
Along the center line of the,
Twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet,
Ordered, repeating patern extending in,
All three spatial dimensions,
A brittle solid,
At low temperatures,
Liquefies slightly above room temperatures,
And indeed,
Will melt,
In the hand.

430. Reality is produced,
That started growing on the,
Larger facets,
But got,
Smoothed over due to the liquid motion,
The dimensionless mass magnetic susceptibility,
Gives the knowledge of the science,
Related to each one,
To split,
Any sturdy pole,
Would have been,
Even larger, more coherent, and more stunning,
The act of,
Freeing a slave,
Done at the will of the,

431. We charge him,
We accuse him,
We censure him for,
To send through,
A person who engraves dies,
Used to stamp designs,
On coins or medals,
His time a moment, and a point his space,
Inclusive of everything,
The first letter of Hebrew alphabet.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


61. Move one's hand,
To and fro in greeting or as a signal,
The theory that light is propogated by a wave motion,
Imparted to the ether,
By the molecular vibrations of the radiant body,
A method of analysis of the behaviour,
Of atomic phenomena with particles represented by,
Wave equations,
A person who is studying or has expert knowledge,
Of one or more of the,
Natural or physical sciences,
The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the,
Systematic study,
Of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural,
Barely sufficient or adequate,
A specimen, sample, or small amount,
A goat,
Sent into the wilderness,
After the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the,
Sins of the people upon it.

62. Have a weight of,
Tremble or shake convulsively,
Especially from fear or repugnance,
Squeeze or hold tightly in one's arms,
A medal,
Made or,
Coloured bronze,
Customarily awarded for,
Third place,
In a race or competition,
The main body of a ship or other vessel,
Including the bottom, sides, and deck,
But not the superstructure, engines, and other fittings,
Of a branch of learning intended to have,
A civilizing effect,
A rationalistic outlook or system of thought,
Attaching prime importance to human,
Rather than divine or supernatural matters,
A length of cloth,
Or enveloping garment in which,
A dead person is wrapped for burial,
A Sherpa mountain guide who manages all other Sherpas,
In a climbing expedition or trekking group,
Grimly serious or strict,
Especially in the,
Exercise of discipline.

63. An introductory,
Course at a mediaval university,
Involving the study of grammar,
And logic,
A place regarded in various religions,
As a spritual realm of evil and suffering,
Often depicted as a place of,
Perpetual fire beneath the earth,
To which wicked are considered,
Consigned after death,
A object having a three-dimensional shape,
Like that of a wire,
Wound uniformly in a single layer,
Around the cylinder or cone,
As in corkscrew or spiral staircase,
Lean over owing to the preassure,
Of wind or an,
Unevent load.

64. Lift or haul,
With great effort,
A person who does not,
Belong to a widely held religion,
Especially Christianity, Judaism, or Islam,
As regarded by those who do,
The abnormal narrowing of,
The main body or stalk,
Supporting a fruit, or leaf,
And attaching it to a larger branch,
An abrupt change in the value of a quantity,
Especially voltage,
The perception of depth,
Produced by the reception in the brain of visual stimuli,
From the both eyes in combination,
An image or idea of,
A particularly type of person,
Or thing,
That has become fixed through being,
Widely held.

65. Insert,
Or push,
Into or through something,
Be or remain,
Fixed with its point embedded in,
Dialogue in which two characters speak,
Alternate lines of verse,
Used as a stylistic device,
In ancient Greek drama,
The friction which tends to prevent stationary surfaces from,
Being set in motion,
Difficult to turn,
Or operate.

66. A determined or persistent person,
A person who resist change,
A person who insist,
On a certain quality or type of behaviour,
An armed robbery in which,
A gun is used to threathen people,
Given to stealing,
Tackle or fend off,
By extending an arm rigidly,
Think deeply about something,
That makes one unhappy,
The typical manner in which someone behaves,
Or which something happens,
To route along,
Which someone or something,
Is travelling or would travel,
If unobstructed.

67. Towards a higher place or position,
Have as an attribute or visible mark,
Pleasing the senses of mind,
Of a very high standart,
Change from a gas or vapour to a liquid,
A state of affairs,
That must exist before something else is possible,
Bring into the desired state for use,
Prejudice against or in favour of people,
Belonging to a particular social class,
Grasp tigthly,
Something given or played,
Include a new player,
In a card game,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The usual aim of an exorcism

Life as a whole,
No material productiveness,
Winners of the orgy contest,
Which is to say,
One begins counting at the,
Number one,
To make difference,
That speaks to the present,
As well as of the past,
The divine mother,
And the veil of death,
Good to think with,
Beneficial enlightening,
Clear knowledge,
We believe in,
What is really real,
Consolation of philosophy.

Decoding an archetype,
Identified of,
Negative integers was accepted,
The usual aim of an exorcism,
The wise women,
Often symbolized as,
A lionness in battle,
Balanced with obedience,
Such as,
Speaking in tongues,
And interpretation of tongues,
Joined and collected,
Found the womb,
Which helped prepare them,
For their future roles as,
Wives and mothers.

Alternatively called,
Naught, nil, ought, or nought,
We don't record flowers,
Which is to say,
One begins counting at the number one,
And rose in concert,
What is heard,
The Sun,
The wind,
The dawn,
The earth.

Master of ceremonies,
Cold reader,
Picked up the technique through,
Cultural osmosis,
A substance that promotes,
An equilibrium reaction,
By reacting with one of the substances produced,
Is an entirely natural phenomenon,
Actually signifies the year,

Venns is metal,
Numbers are wood,
A series of well-defined steps,
That can be followed as a procedure,
The real innermost core,
And without it,
No religion would be worthy,
Of the name,
Lingua İgnota.

West wind,
Came to mean a light breeze,
Almost nothing,
Arithmetical nothing,
Or block,
Play making and,
Way of resolving differences,
Rather than by fighting,
Covered people,
A shell of glyph,
Is always,
Equal to the absolute value of the base.

If is,
The inequality,
A piece of information that,
Controls the operation,
Only secrecy of the key,
Provides security,
A dictionary attack,
For login passwords,
Use in a block ciphers,
With any,
Dark secret.

X marks the spot,
A slave,
Who accompanied his master,
To tell him,
The names of people,
He met,
And hear,
You speak with several tongues,
Or concealed characters in writings,
Of learned societies,
Sifr, cyfra, szyfrowac',
Cifra, code, cero,

Breast star,
To speak in riddles,
One that rotates,
There are two separate keys,
A public key,
Is kept secret,
Represent a stared secret,
Medieval numerals,

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Mikael, Gabriel, Raziel
Glory, foundation, wisdom
Hod, yesod, çokmah
Güneş, ay, yıldız
East, West and North
Binah ve Cassiel
Tiferet ve Rafael
Hesed ve Zadkiel
Uriel at South
Netzach ve Haniel
Spirit, Kether
I am thought
Gevurah ve Kamael
Malkuth ve Sandalphon

Friday, September 18, 2015

The antediluvian world

Where humans existed alongside now extinct megafauna,
On the hominid tree to show host evolutionary,
On the Extinction of the Mammoth,
This pre-human ate like a chimp,
Giant, very large or large animals,
Argue that nonhuman great apes are persons and should be given basic human rights,
Homo sapiens,
A hominoid, commonly called an ape,
The antediluvian world,
Arguing that the brain is far too small to be a separate dwarf species,
I am an Atheist,
No trace of disease.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Andromedan Dialog

- Share your knowledge of the Andromedan Council, Pleiadians, Sirians, Nibiru, Illuminati.
I take this seriously. No force greater than the urgency of now. Be bold!
My regards,

-do you have a more secure means of contact?

Ut pictura occulta mostrat,
Between fertilization and death,
As that member of the divine council,
Who watches over human activity,
As stands fast bound to the cross,
Suffered martyrdom,
Almost insoluble in water,
In addition differ in solubility,
Light to the left,
Easy to grow,
With large rewards for,
Small efforts,
Since the electron can travel the whole,
Length of the chain~

...introduce yourself

-I..don't understand.

"Fast bound to the cross" Jesus?

For now, I introduce myself as (...). I knew nothing about matter of this sort until a few months ago. It is my understanding that many things will happen on Earth. Knowing this, I need answers, friend. You may not have all, but I thank you for the ones you will share with me.
Please, continue.

And sentiments,
A duplicate source of light,
In the shade,
In the lake,
In the mirror,
Or the eyes,
The celestial prosecutor,
On protecting groups in synthesis,
Used some of the followings,
To prepare the last synthesis,
Different all before free,
Anticipates the,
All before free,
Itself was known~ have to introduce a proper language

To ensure that the transfer was complete,
Versus physiological translation termination,
Codon definition,
As well as on,
Reversed with water washes,
Derivate were already known,
Via a circuitous route,
The gauche form is favored,
Result of its rapid rotation and fluid state,
Dense than water,
But to a lesser degree,
That is,
Created from biological materials and,
Resembles a human.

- do you know about what might take place Dec.21, 2012 ?

...forget it...polaris will stay at it's recent position ten thousand years more...than vega will be the new north star...nothing will be happen at 2012...but...

-But what?
And how do you know this for sure? Who/what are your sources?

-Is Ashtar Command real? I don't think you understand how important this me. Do I have anything to prepare for?

Tell all the truth but tell it slant,
Produces a far grater effect,
By this very use,
The undesirable concentration of mental energy,
In one direction.
Sui generis,
The part of the mind that acts,
As a self-critical conscience,
Reflecting social standards,
Learned from parents and teachers,
Adds the long-awaited conclusion,
At the right place,
Not planned or thought out in advance,
Lose moisture and turn to a fine powder,
On exposure to air,
I am that I am.

There is no teacher,
No teaching,
And no thought,
Any technological society in space,
Will be transmitting information,
Which makes them most ignoble,
Remaining in a pure state,
That is not the world's peace,
That ruins great natures,
Far rather war,
And the love of pleasure,
The love of riches,
Drown us body and soul in the dephts,
The process of recovering data,
From primary storage,
Write in English,
Yet our matter will be as hard,
As Greek to some.

- I understand very little of what you're saying. Are pleaidians/andromedans/greys/reptilians real? Is ANY of it real?
Who is here to help and who is not. I'm not kidding, any more of this wierd poetry stuff you're writing and I'll just give up on you. are not real...all of them are part of a "new age" can study on them...but...stop asking to believe on some tales...start to study on logic, grammar, and philosophy...

- Like Aristotle, Plato, Locke, Hobbes, etc? yourself

- Myself? My own personal ideals, values and beliefs on the universe and its inhabitants?
Or my own existence in it?

Yourself! Your own personal ideals, values and beliefs as a part of the universe and its inhabitants.

Or your own existence in it.

With LOVE and PEACE.

The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.

Correct or pleasing proportion of parts!

Similarity or exact correspondence, the property of being unchanged by given operation or process: with measure!

Fellow drinker!

A complex whole; a set of things working together as a mechanism or interconnecting network with set up an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality.

The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity:



Devil to slander!

Clear of dregs, purify!